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Mar 7

White Spot Lesions

What are White Spots?

White spots are white marks on the enamel that are caused as a result of loss of minerals from the enamel.They are commonly present close to the gum margin and around the braces, but they can be found anywhere on the teeth. It can be disappointing to have the braces removed off a perfectly straight set of teeth that are covered with white spots.


Prevention is better than cure. Don’t let white spots develop in the first place. The bacteria on your teeth¬† increase in numbers when the braces are placed on the teeth. White spot lesions will develop if you feed the bacteria sugar and acid and brush your teeth badly. A good brushing technique and healthy diet will help keep teeth healthy and avoid white spots during your Orthodontic treatment. The white spots will otherwise get worse, and bacteria will collect in large numbers around the braces showing as a dark line.

How to treat white spots

Modify your diet and oral hygiene and use products that replace the missing minerals from your enamel. Avoid snacking between meals, avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks. We recommend brushing with a toothpaste containing fluoride or fluoride and nanohydroxyapatite, as well as a fluoride mouth rinse.

Visit your dentist to monitor the white spots. Sometimes tooth whitening can be use to improve the colour variation of the enamel. If the white spots are severe, the dentist can use a tooth-coloured resin or veneers to restore the appearance of the enamel.

Without treatment

Left untreated the white spots can develop into cavities that cause the enamel to break down. This is a disaster that every patient should, and can avoid.