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Patient Transfers

A patient may need to transfer to our care from another Orthodontic practice. This normally happens when a patient moves into the area having started the treatment elsewhere. All NHS transfers are subject to approval by the NHS local area team. The transfer process involves the following steps:

A referral

Private patients may contact us directly for an appointment. NHS patients require a referral from a dentist or an Orthodontist. This must be submitted via the local NHS online referral management system (RMS). In case of an NHS practice closure, we may contact you directly if we have been instructed to do so by the NHS local area team.

Information that we need

We normally require the patient name, date of birth, address and telephone number. We also need details about the Orthodontist from whom the patient is transferring, and the reason for the transfer request.

An appointment

Our receptionist will arrange an appointment for a consultation. During that visit we will assess the condition of the teeth and the Orthodontic appliance or retainers. We may take a set of photographs or other records as needed. We may also adjust the Orthodontic appliance if necessary in order to help maintain the health of the teeth.

A copy of records

In order to comply with data protection regulations, we will need your permission in writing to contact the previous Orthodontist for a copy of the clinical records. We may ask you to obtain the records yourself and to forward securely to us. Click here to download a copy of our information disclosure form. You may also complete this form for us to request the information on your behalf.

In the meantime

We will arrange to see you again in order to adjust the Orthodontic appliance if necessary, whilst we wait for a copy of the records, or an approval for the transfer (for NHS patients).
  • An NHS patient transfer has to be approved for funding by the NHS Local Area Team. We would forward relevant information to an area team manager for consideration of approving the transfer.
  • It is also important that you continue to keep regular appointments to see your general dentist to ensure the health of your teeth and gums whilst you wait for a confirmation of the transfer.

The continuation treatment plan

We will finalise the continuation treatment plan once we receive the records. NHS patient will continue their treatment with us if approved by the NHS Area Team. An NHS patient may choose to undergo continuation of care on a private basis if the approval is declined by the NHS Area Team. Private patients will be provided a quote for completion of the treatment.

Further information

If you require any further information please contact a member of our reception staff at any of our locations.