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What will happen on the first visit?

You will be examined and photographed. Digital x-rays and impressions of the teeth may be taken. The fee for a consultation is £85. You will not have to pay if you have been referred to us as an NHS patient, providing that you are under the age of 18 years (see FAQ9).

Does it hurt to have Orthodontic treatment or braces?

There is discomfort involved when teeth are moved around but this does not prevent patients from having treatment.

At what age is treatment carried out?

Most patients are treated in their teenage years however, in some cases treatment is started at a younger age. And remember- it is never too late to have braces! Adults can also have treatment and many choose to do so. Click here for more information.

Can I have a removable brace to wear at night only?

This is highly unlikely! A light and ‘constant’ force is necessary to move teeth. Private patients may choose Invisalign aligners that are worn day and night. Click here to learn more.

I am worried about having to have teeth extracted!

Not all situations require the removal of teeth however, sometimes extractions are necessary. If this is the case we will refer you to your dentist to have teeth out. When the treatment is done no one will ever notice that a few teeth are missing.

How long will the treatment take?

Average treatment lasts about two years. However, treatment duration will vary from one person to the next and it depends on a number of factors: how ambitious we are in your treatment objectives, whether you keep your scheduled appointments and don’t break your braces often, and the level of your cooperation. Biology also has a role to play and no one patient is like another!

How often will I need to be seen?

Once the braces are placed we will normally see you for an adjustment every six or eight weeks.

What happens when the braces are removed?

You will get custom-made retainers fitted. Retainers prevent the teeth from becoming crooked again. There are two main types available: removable and fixed.

Can I have treatment under the NHS?

We only accept NHS patients on referral from an NHS dentist. NHS treatment is available for patients under the age of 18 years who meet the criteria for eligibility.

How much does private treatment cost?

The initial fee for a consultation is £85. The fee for treatment depends on the type of brace that you choose and the length of your treatment. We will advise you once you have been for a consultation. We offer an interest free instalment plan as well as a discount if the full treatment fee is paid upfront.