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Dentist Referral

Use our secure on-line referral system to refer a private patient. For NHS referrals, please refer to the information below.

Not got any login details?

Email [email protected] with your name and practice contact details.

Maidenhead NHS Referrals

NHS referrals can only by submitted via the Vantage Health, Rego online system. The link to submit referrals is If you are not yet registered with Rego, visit or contact them on 0207 993 5870.

St Albans and Watford NHS Referrals

NHS referrals  can only by submitted via the dental referrals online system. The link is to submit referrals is To find our clinic, select 'Central Midlands'. Please do not confuse our Watford Orthodontic Centre with other clinics in Watford. Our address is 60 Leavesden Road. If you are not registered with Dental Referrals, visit