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Brace Care Instructions for Beginners

Having had your braces fitted is something to be proud of. Expect your teeth to be sore for the first week.
Taking Paracetamol or Ibuprofen should help, but the tenderness will soon disappear.

Brushing is more important than ever. Be sure to concentrate on the area between the braces and the gums. This is where the PLAQUE collects and will cause unsightly staining if not regularly removed.

Use a small Interdental brush to clean between the tooth and the wire, up against and between the squares. Toothpaste is not needed for this, but check in a mirror that you are not missing any areas.

We highly recommend the use of a Travel Toothbrush. You should carry a brush on you during the day and every time you eat you must brush and rinse with water. You can buy one at reception.

Between meals, any food that contains sugar (natural or added), should be strictly avoided! Meal times are not as critical and normal diet should be followed. It is best to avoid fizzy soft drinks and concentrated (pure) fruit juice.

Look after your braces. They’re not indestructible! In fact, they can be easily dislodged or even broken if you’re not careful. Keep objects such as pencils, pens and fingernails out of the mouth. Hard foods will damage or break the braces. Cut everything you eat into small bite-size pieces first. AVOID CHEWING GUM, TOFEES, NUTS, POPCORN, AND HARD SWEETS. If you lose or break the braces be sure to call us straight away. REMEMBER, A BROKEN OR LOST BRACE CAN’T CORRECT YOUR TEETH- IT CAN ONLY DELAY TREATMENT!

Should you suffer from mouth ulcers because of sharp brace-bits digging into your lips or cheeks, use the special Orthodontic Wax Cover the sharp area with a small piece of Wax and replace it if necessary. Call the Receptionist if this doesn’t help to book an emergency visit if necessary.

With your cooperation we will achieve the best result possible. Be sure to visit your dentist every six months during treatment. Be sure to keep all your appointments on time so that there is no delay to your treatment.

At your regular appointments, please ask parents, friends and relatives, to wait for you at reception (unless there are questions – which we are always happy to answer).