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Our members of staff must adhere to a Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The safety of our staff and patients is important to us and will not be compromised.

We are open for Urgent Emergencies and Routine appointments.


A COVID-19 Medical History Form MUST be completed for every patient before an appointment is booked and prior to the visit. To book an appointment please complete the form and then call 01727238880.


  1. You must submit a COVID-19 Medical History Form prior to attending the appointment. You may be seen without a prior appointment and without the form.
  2. You must provide us with up to date information that includes a working email address and telephone number. We need this information to enable to contact you in case of an urgent emergency.
  3. You must arrive for the appointment on time or you may not be seen.
  4. We request that parents wait outside for their child. We aim to limit the number of people within the clinic because it is a small confined space. We have a Chaperone policy and we will care for your child. Our staff members are DBS checked. We will make an exception for a young or vulnerable patient. If you feel that you should be attending the appointment with your child please contact us BEFORE the appointment. An accompanying person must also complete a COVID-19 Medical History Form
  5. Please arrive with no belongings if possible. If you have belongings, they will be stored in a designated box. Please do not bring food and drink into the clinic.
  6. You must come to the appointment wearing a mask or a face covering or the appointment will not go ahead. If you feel an urge to sneeze, slip the mask or face covering back on your face immediately. You may purchase a mask from our receptionist at a cost of £1 if you do not have one.
  7. If you have a medical condition or a disability that precludes you from wearing a mask you must notify us in advance.
  8. On arrival, your temperature will be checked. You will be allowed to enter if it is less than 38°C.
  9. Your mobile phone must be kept away in your pocket or we may ask you to place it in a plastic bag.
  10. The patient or parent (if allowed) will be asked to use the hand gel and walk into the Surgery.
  11. We will ask that you observe a 2m distancing rule and refrain from touching fixtures.
  12. Please do not use our toilet unless it is an absolute emergency. Ask first.
  13. On leaving we will ask that you use the hand gel and we will open the door to allow the patient out.
  14. You may not be seen if you are late for the appointment.
  15. The Orthodontist will contact you if any concerns arise during the appointment.
  16. Please call or email us after the appointment to book the next visit.
  17. Please provide your child with a contactless card if possible, if he/she needs to purchase any hygiene products at reception.